Cleanup and Restoration Crews Working Around The Clock In Houston For Flooding

Last Friday, the highway in Texas is already filled with thousands of cars as the people flee for a safer place after hearing the news on how the category 2 storm is intensifying at a rapid rate. The storm caused catastrophic flooding throughout the region has kept cleanup crews busy for the last week and likely for many months to come. The flood damage cleanup pros of Houston have been helping homeowners and business owners with recovery work for 5 straight day with no end in sight.

Everyone in Texas including homeowners, businesses and the officials of the local government are made preparation for the hurricane storm which the weather channel said will bring a wind with a speed of 125 mph and cause up to 12 foot of rising of the sea level.

The progress that Hurricane Harvey is making shows that it will soon upgrade to a Category 3 hurricane on Friday. Forecasters predict that it will bring heavy rain to Corpus Christi at 1 a.m. Saturday. It is estimated that 8 millions people responded to the hurricane warnings and 735,000 people have received tropical storm warnings.

The officials have issued mandatory evacuation to 7 counties in Texas especially to those whose homes are in low lands. The state officials is asking the people to leave the city now if it is possible for them to do so.

Governor Greg Abbott told KPRC the affiliate of NBC that many people do no treat the storm warnings seriously and did not make any preparation at all because they do not believe that the storm can harm them. He remarked that the people should do as the warning instructed and evacuate the city.

Harvey that is soon changing to a Category 3 storm is expected to bring heavy rain to Corpus Christi at 1 a.m. local time Saturday.

Harvey is by far the strongest storm to happen to Texas since 2008. Hurricane Wilma, a category 3 storm, which causes a great deal of damage to Florida took place on October 2005.

The National Hurricane Center has issued a warning in the 5 a.m. update that Harvey has the potential to cause many damages when it arrives on the coast of Texas. The storm is becoming more and more powerful as it head towards Corpus Christi from an area located 180 miles southeast. The high wind speed of 105 mph can cause damages.

Residents in Texas have been warned about Hurricane Harvey that can potentially take lives and cause serious damages to houses situated by the coast.

Harvey is predicted by forecaster to transform to a major hurricane before it heads towards the center of the Texas coast.

Mayor Joe McComb said that they did not put in effect any mandatory evacuation but he is working hard to tell people in the low land areas to evacuate the city if they can.

Joe MacComb said in the news conference that he and his team are trying to get everyone whose homes are in the low land areas to evacuate Dodge.

The reporter from NBC Dallas-FortWorth reported that Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi has also responded to the hurricane warning by transferring out of town 10 babies that are critically ill to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. Fort Worth is located over 400 miles north of Corpus Christi.

Debbie Boudreaux, the director for the transportation of Cook Children’s Medical Center said that they did the right thing in transferring the ill babies. She pointed out that the ventilator system at the Driscoll Children’s Hospital could stop working because the flood could cause power outage.

The Park Manor nursing facility in Rockport has also evacuated 90 elderly patients to another Bee Cave based nursing facility that is situated within proximity to Austin. Rockport is situated about 20 miles northeast to the town of Corpus Christi.

During an interview with Austin based NBC affiliate KXAN, Johnielle Johnson, the director of the Bee Cave nursing facility said that they have to convert a therapy gym into a bedroom for 14 of the transfer patients and that the rest of the transfer patients are living together with other existing patients in other rooms.

Johnson said it is their duty to help them as the flood could possibly take away the lives of these elderly patients if it hit the nursing facility there.

Over 700 people have been recruited by Governor Greg Abbott to be volunteers for the emergency team that will be helping to get people out if they are stuck in their homes during the flood.

In an interview with Houston based NBC affiliate KPRC, the Domestic Operations Task Force’s commander, Brig. Gen. Patrick Hamilton said that they are train for this purpose and that is to help others when they can.

Dale Eck, the person in charge of the forecast operations for The Weather Channel, said that people needs to realize the emergency of this situation after he saw the news about Harvey intensifying on Thursday.

Dale Eck said that the hurricane storm can bring 115 mph of wind and increase the sea level to a dangerous point when the hurricane storm heads to the middle of the Texas coast.

The National Hurricane Center has posted warnings about storm surge to the towns located in between Port Mansfield and High Island in Texas. Storm surge watches are issued for the towns located in between the south of Port Mansfield and Rio Grande. Hurricane warnings are also issued for the towns located in between Port Mansfield and Sargent.

The hurricane center said that it is expected that there will be a heavy rain of up to 35 inches on the towns in the southeastern part of Texas until next Wednesday. This could bring flooding so people living in Texas should make the necessary preparations now and not wait until tomorrow.

Eck said that the storm could be more powerful than predicted and make it harder for the emergency team to rescue the people trapped in their homes. Therefore, the people are encourage to evacuate the city now.

The storm is intensifying at a fast rate and it could cause serious harms to the houses on the coast. He knows that most people are heading to San Antonio but San Antonio could also face heavy rain because it is situated nearby to Texas.

Tom Bossert, the adviser for the Homeland Security, said that President Donald Trump has also given a short speech on the progress of the hurricane and what types of preparations the residents should make for the flood.

Bossert is working in collaboration with Elaine Duke, the Homeland Security Secretary, Brock Long, the administrator of FEMA, and federal partners to help the local residents to prepare for the hurricane.

Governor Abbott has issued the state of disaster to 30 counties. They have already issued evacuation order to Aransas Pass and Portland as well as the two counties including San Patricio and Brazoria. At 6 a.m. local time, the officials in Cameron Parish has went ahead in issuing a mandatory evacuation order to residents located in the south of Intracoastal Water Way.

Abbott gave order for the Texas State Operations Center to be extra alert and make sure all the resources are already prepared so that they can quickly carry out the rescue work.
Hurricane Harvey Intensifies to a Category 4 Storm and Could be the Worst Storm Since Decades

Hurricane Harvey finally arrives on the Texas coast at 10 pm. The storm could be the worst one to happen in the history.

The storm is now a Category 4 storm with wind moving at a high speed of 130 mph. It has caused damages to many key buildings in the city including police

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What Can You Do If Your Home or Business Floods from Hurricane Harvey

Major Hurricane Harvey Threatens Large Portion Of Texas

In the USA, you can purchase flood coverage for your home or business through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private insurer. If you purchase a flood coverage from the NFIP, you will be eligible for getting compensation for the flood damages. Without a flood insurance policy, you will have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket.

If you have flood insurance in place, the first step to take is to check the premises for hazards. A number of hazards can present in the building such as mold growth, gas leaks and electrocution. If possible, before you start documenting the damages at the premise, make sure you turn off the main power and main gas valve. You should also pay attention to any sign of damages on the floor, roof, and other building structure. You must also look out for wires of electrical equipment that are damaged.

At this time, you should take photographs or make a video of everything that is damaged in the flood. If it is a business location, you can get your employees to help you record the damages. The receipts of the damaged items and photographs are to be submitted along with the claim. The damage items should be kept so that you can use it as an evidence for filing the claim.

The next step is to call the helpline number to file the claim. You can find the helpline number at the NFIP website. If you buy the flood insurance from a private insurance, you can find the helpline number on the official site. You can also file the claim online if the official site provides a claim form for you to fill. You must prepare the policy number as they will ask you for it when they call back.

A specialist will be assigned to handle your claim from start to finish. The representative will ask you to provide supporting information that will back your claim. Some of the information that you have to provide are date the flood damage occur, photos of the flood damage, list of items damaged in the flood and the estimate cost for repairing or replacing the items that are damaged in the flood. You may be required to provide the property and lease documents.

The claim team will review your claim after you have provided all the necessary information. Settlement is made after they approve the claim and a contractor approved by the insurance company will be able to get started on repairing the house or business office.

It is important to keep the flood insurance policy and other business documents in a safe place. You can try to install a sump pump to reduce the flood damage on building. To be well prepared for a hurricane, make sure you have an emergency plan that allows you or others in the building to escape the flood through the evacuation route.

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Major Flooding Hits The Houston Region Again Following Weeklong Rain Storms

Houston and other parts of Texas have been hit by the worst flooding since Tropical Storm Alison in 2001. While not a record for Houston, this storm none the less has already caused wide spread devastation across all of Houston, and most of Harris country, Texas. Thousands of residents have already had to leave their homes, and hundreds more remain trapped in flooded homes. Rescue crews were unable to rescue trapped residents using their high water rescue vehicles, so first responders have had to resort to using boats to reach trapped residents. Over one foot of rain has plummeted down on the nations fourth largest city. Some areas had received as much as 16 inches of rain as of late Monday morning, with more rain due today on Tuesday.

It is not just Harris County and Houston which have flooded, in fact flash flood warnings were issued via cell phone and the news in about two dozen Texas counties across in the southern part of Texas, including the capital of Texas, Austin. The cause of the massive rainfall is due to a nearly stationary area of ultra low pressure, which then stalled over the western United states. This then allowed a great deal of moisture to be in effect sucked up from the Gulf of Mexico, flowing right into Texas over the last few days. This excess moisture had no where to go but down via torrential rain. While Texas has been in a state of drought for the last many years, I highly doubt that this is the answer to the drought that Texans have been looking for.

This storm, while not a Hurricane or tropical storm has none the less caused just as much if not more damage than these types of named storms. The damage already caused by this storm is only surpassed by 2001’s tropical storm Alison, which left 41 people dead in Harris county alone, and over 5 billion in property damage. Estimates have not yet come in as far as property damage goes for this storm, but already at least 5 people have perished, mostly due to ignoring driving bans, with nearly all of the deceased having died in their vehicles. Experts however are predicting at least 1 billion dollars in Damages.

At least 240 billion gallons of of rain has fallen in just the Houston area alone. This estimate is only going to climb since rain and thunderstorms are expected into late Tuesday as well, according to officials at the National Weather Service. Local video taken by area residents and uploaded to YouTube shows horrific scenes of devastation caused by this flooding. Houston is ranked as one of the worst cities as far as flooding goes, mostly due to be below sea level, and the poor quality of the areas soil which does not fare well with massive amounts of rain, due to drainage issues with this type of soil.

Hopefully comes Wednesday the area may start seeing flood waters recede. Only until the waters begin to recede can area residents begin the massive clean up effort needed to restore the city back to any sense of normalcy. Flood restoration crews from around the country are mobilizing to come to Harris county and Houston in order to assist with the clean up and rebuilding that will be needed. Until then area residents are encouraged to remain indoors, and not to attempt any travel.

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Houston Experiences Memorial Day Flooding; More to Come

Heavy thunderstorms drenched Houston on Monday with as much as five inches of rain in some areas, yet more rain is in the forecast for this week. This has caused a headache for many motorists trying to get to their daily duties. A flood warning effect is in effect until 7 P.M on Friday for Austin, Fort Bend, and Wharton Counties. A flood warning warning is in effect until one 1 P.M on Thursday for Brazoria counties. Also, a flood warning is in effect until 12 A.M on Wednesday morning for all of Jackson County.

Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, and Montgomery counties also underwent a Tornado watch that had expired at 9 P.M last night.

Severe and destructive thunderstorms made their way through the Houston area on Monday evening and dissipated fairly quickly, yet the rainfall rates were totaled at about 3 inches an hour, and that is why this city experienced so much flooding over a short period of time.

These storms then headed towards Bacliff, Bayton, and Mont Belvieu, and then crossed into Galveston and Chambers County. Those areas could see 1 to 2 inches of rain as the thunderstorms make their way eastward at 20 mph. On Monday, it was also reported that a funnel cloud almost made a touchdown in the Beasley area.

Near Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway, several cars were trapped by floodwaters and many deputies with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office had to come assist many motorists who were trying to escape from their flooded out vehicles. Authorities stated that some of the cars had even began to bob up and down as the flood waters continued to rise.

The Texas Department of Transportation has stated that the water pumps are working, but the rain just came too fast for the machines to remove the rising water that just kept coming. The flood waters began to die down just before 8 P.M. Wreckers had already began picking up vehicles that had been left and stranded. To the Northwest and Southwest of the Houston metro area, there was reported flooding in the Forth Bend and Waller Conuties.

These severe weather cells knocked down several power lines along Highway 36 and Spur 10. Due to the extreme weather, some of the power lines had even been broken in half. Last night Houston got a break from the heavy rains, although there were light showers overnight.

Another round of Thunderstorms will make its way west on Tuesday morning, and there was a 50 percent chance of rain by 6 A.M. This new cell will bring with it heavy rains, causing even more flash flooding throughout the morning rush hour. The possibility of rain will then increase to about 80 percent for the day. This chance for rain will continue throughout the weekend with highs in the mid-80’s to low 70’s.

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