What Can You Do If Your Home or Business Floods from Hurricane Harvey

Major Hurricane Harvey Threatens Large Portion Of Texas

In the USA, you can purchase flood coverage for your home or business through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private insurer. If you purchase a flood coverage from the NFIP, you will be eligible for getting compensation for the flood damages. Without a flood insurance policy, you will have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket.

If you have flood insurance in place, the first step to take is to check the premises for hazards. A number of hazards can present in the building such as mold growth, gas leaks and electrocution. If possible, before you start documenting the damages at the premise, make sure you turn off the main power and main gas valve. You should also pay attention to any sign of damages on the floor, roof, and other building structure. You must also look out for wires of electrical equipment that are damaged.

At this time, you should take photographs or make a video of everything that is damaged in the flood. If it is a business location, you can get your employees to help you record the damages. The receipts of the damaged items and photographs are to be submitted along with the claim. The damage items should be kept so that you can use it as an evidence for filing the claim.

The next step is to call the helpline number to file the claim. You can find the helpline number at the NFIP website. If you buy the flood insurance from a private insurance, you can find the helpline number on the official site. You can also file the claim online if the official site provides a claim form for you to fill. You must prepare the policy number as they will ask you for it when they call back.

A specialist will be assigned to handle your claim from start to finish. The representative will ask you to provide supporting information that will back your claim. Some of the information that you have to provide are date the flood damage occur, photos of the flood damage, list of items damaged in the flood and the estimate cost for repairing or replacing the items that are damaged in the flood. You may be required to provide the property and lease documents.

The claim team will review your claim after you have provided all the necessary information. Settlement is made after they approve the claim and a contractor approved by the insurance company will be able to get started on repairing the house or business office.

It is important to keep the flood insurance policy and other business documents in a safe place. You can try to install a sump pump to reduce the flood damage on building. To be well prepared for a hurricane, make sure you have an emergency plan that allows you or others in the building to escape the flood through the evacuation route.

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