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Power Washing

Power washing or pressure washing is the process of using a high-pressure washer spray to remove dirty surfaces and grime from surfaces. This cleaning process has many applications, but it’s especially effective for removing mold and other contaminants that are left behind by flooding. The process of pressure washing is a lot like taking your car to the car wash, but it’s for your house and not your car. Power washers removes dirt, mold, fungus, and mildew from the exterior surfaces of homes or other structures. You can even use it on deck, patio, and residential driveway! If you’re in the Houston area and your residential or commercial property was damaged by hurricanes, then please contact us today for professional pressure washing services!


The exterior of your house can be a place that is filled with dirt, grime, and pollutants. Power washing services are the best way to ensure that you have a clean exterior for all the guests who come over! A power washer service is a necessity for anyone who wants to maintain the beauty of their home. The process of power washing will get rid of any unsightly stains or mildew on windows or siding. You’ll also get an even cleaner surface without chemicals if you choose this service! If you live in the Houston area and want to get your house cleaned up after it’s been through flooding, then please contact us today for power washing services.


Experience They Have

It is important before you hire a company to assess the experiences they have. The best companies have a lot of experience in power washing. If they’re reputable, then you’ll be able to see the type of work that has been done by browsing their website or checking out reviews from past customers! 

The company should also provide references upon request so you can call them and speak with someone knowledgeable about what happened during the process.

Equipment They Have

The best power washing companies should also have high-quality equipment. The actual machine is likely what will determine the water pressure used to remove dirt, debris, and grime from your house or other structures. When you find out how much experience they have with this service, then it’s time to ask about the equipment they use. You should also find out if it’s been well-maintained and is up to date with current technology!

Price They Charge

You’ll want to compare prices from several companies in order to get an idea of what you can expect when hiring a pressure washing company. The best way for you to determine this is to get a couple of quotes from different companies. You can then assess which one is the best based on their experience and equipment, as well as how much they charge for various services.


Prevents Future Damage

One of the many benefits that pressure washing can have is preventing future damage. While you may not be able to stop a hurricane from occurring, you will want to prevent your house from getting damaged in any way. The home’s exterior surfaces should always look clean and free of dirt, pollutants, or even mildew.

Eco Friendly

Power washing is an eco-friendly way of getting your exterior surfaces to look like brand new clean surfaces again. There are zero chemicals used in the process that can harm animals, plants, or even you! Anyone who has experienced flooding knows how necessary it is to clean up their house. This cleaning solution removes dirt and grime from windows and siding so they look like new again.

Increase Home Value

The exterior of your house is a major factor when it comes to the value of your home. This means that power washing will increase the possible price you can get for selling or even renting out your property. You may want to use this service every few years if you live in an area where there are harsh weather conditions and pollutants!

Save Money in the Long Run

You’ll definitely save money in the long run by getting power washing services. The exterior of your house is what people see when they are walking up to it, driving past, or even thinking about buying it! If you want a clean and polished-looking home, then this service will provide exactly that for you at an affordable price.


The best way to see results is by having your home power washed regularly. This means at least every few years, but you can start seeing the benefits after just one time. Power washing will remove any dirt or grime that has built up over time and make it look brand new again so it is highly recommended! People who want an affordable service that makes their house look brand new will benefit from power washing. Contact us at Houston Flood Cleanup to get the job done and for more information now!